Sergei Ivanov, a top adviser and former chief of staff of Russian President Vladimir Putin praised former President Donald Trump as “the best president in the history of the United States, is the modern-day George Washington.”

“If the first president of America fought to lay the foundation of the nation and state—the beginning of American freedom—then Trump fought and is fighting to preserve the legacy of the Founding Fathers, to defend freedom,” Ivanov wrote in an op-ed for EurAsia Daily on Feb. 16, reported The Federalist Papers.

“He, like Washington, is the flesh of his people, 100 percent American, a classic self-made man, a living embodiment of the American dream. Trump is a successful entrepreneur, a man of action, and a man of his word,” he continued.

Ivanov outlined a list of Trump’s accomplishments during his first term as president, which ranges from job creation to making peace in the Middle East, noting that Trump was able to achieve all of these despite relentless media attacks and obstruction from both parties.

Despite his achievements, the deep state and, more broadly, the world globalist “elite” hated Trump, according to Ivanov, because he is a “successful white man.”

“Together with Biden, they celebrate not only BLM, Antifa and their ‘curators’ like [leftist financier George] Soros and [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi, not only [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel and [French President Emmanuel] Macron, but also ‘anti-democratic’ regimes around the world, from China and North Korea to Venezuela and Cuba,” he wrote.

Furthermore, Ivanov said the deep state and globalists despised Trump because he champions religious freedom, family values, constitutional rights, and his interference with their goal of creating a New World Order.

“Whether the globalists will be able to build their New Order and put an end to history, whether President Trump turns out to be its last hero, the future will show,” he said. 

Trump is the first U.S. president in history to be impeached twice two years in a row. The former president was acquitted in both impeachments led by House Democrats.

Trump remains a dominant force in the Republican Party following his February acquittal in the Senate. A majority of Republicans would support Trump if he were to run for president again. 

During his address to the Conservative Political Action Conference last month, Trump suggested that he may run for the White House again in 2024.

“Who knows? I may even decide to beat them for a third time,” he said.

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