President Donald Trump declared on Saturday, June 13, that the United States is “not the policeman of the world,” telling U.S. soldiers that their job is “not to rebuild foreign nations” but defend the nation from foreign enemies.

During his Commencement Address to graduating cadets at West Point, President Trump praised the U.S. military for its contributions to American society, and repeated his vision for the use of the armed forces.

“We are restoring the fundamental principle that the job of the American soldier is not to rebuild foreign nations, but to defend, and defend strongly, our nation from foreign enemies,” President Trump said.

“We are ending the era of endless wars,” he said. “In its place is a renewed clear-eyed focus on defending America’s vital interests. It is not the duty of U.S. troops to solve ancient conflicts in far away lands, that many people have never heard of.”

The president declared, “We are not the policeman of the world. But let our enemies be on notice. If our people are threatened, we will never ever hesitate to act. And when we fight, from now on, we will only fight to win.”

President Trump used the address to congratulate the cadets, telling them that they were graduating at a “crucial moment in history.”

“This premier military academy produces only the best of the best, the strongest of the strong and the bravest of the brave,” he said.

“To the 1,107 cadets who today become the newest officers in the most exceptional Army ever to take the field of battle, I am here to offer America’s salute. Thank you for answering your nation’s call,” he continued.

The president told the newest officers to uphold American core values, emphasizing unity at a “turbulent” time.