The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), funded by the controversial Hungarian speculator George Soros, demanded President Trump open borders to pregnant foreign women who enter the country illegally.

However, the president has always been very clear on his position, as a year ago when he quoted Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who said “no sane country” would grant automatic citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrant mothers, the Daily Mail described.

“If making it easy to be an illegal immigrant isn’t enough, how about offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant? No sane country would do that, right?” Reid said at the time.

“If you break our laws by entering this country without permission and give birth to a child, we reward that child with U.S. citizenship and guarantee a full access to all public and social services this society provides, and that’s a lot of services,” he continued. “Is it any wonder that two-thirds of babies born at taxpayer expense in county-run hospitals in Los Angeles are born to illegal alien mothers?”

Each year, about 250,000 illegal aliens have their children in the United States, rekindling controversy over the long-term impacts this has on welfare systems, education costs, and other drivers of national debt, the Daily Mail noted.

Demand of the NGO financed by Soros

 The nongovernmental organization demanded, through a letter addressed to officials of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), that they stop making them wait in Mexico for the resolution of their asylum application, once they are intercepted in U.S. territory.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that the U.S. Constitution guarantees that every child born on U.S. soil automatically becomes a U.S. citizen.

The newborn—called in certain circles the ‘anchor baby’—allows its parents to remain in the United States.

“The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Border Rights Center, and the ACLU of Texas wrote to demand an immediate stop to the placement of pregnant women and other vulnerable populations in the Migration Protection Protocols (MPP) policy and the return of pregnant women who have been held in Mexico under the policy to the United States,” the NGO’s attorneys asked in the letter.

The initiative, which has the support of the Democratic opposition, meant for some independent observers a strategy that would attempt to exploit a loophole in U.S. law.

In this regard, it should be remembered that Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) sent a letter to DHS demanding that pregnant women enter the United States immediately while waiting for their asylum hearing.

Also, Mexican migrant stations reported that an increasing number of pregnant women were crossing Central America, hoping to have their babies on U.S. soil, according to NBC.

“More pregnant women or women with babies are arriving,” warned Pastor Gustavo Banda, who operates a shelter in the Scorpion Canyon outside Tijuana, pointing out that they are mainly Central American and Haitian.

It should be noted that the globalist organizations linked to George Soros have been expelled from various countries such as Hungary and Russia, accused of attempting to undermine the sovereignty, economy, and identity of nations through the instrumentalization of massive and uncontrolled immigration and other forms of destabilization.

The George Soros Open Society Foundation spends $150 million each year to fund groups like the ACLU and the abortion multinational Planned Parenthood, the Washington Post reported.