The number of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus or coronavirus cases and deaths decreased more than a month after Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared a complete reopening and reversal of the mask mandate. The state now has the lowest number of regular new coronavirus cases since June 2020.

Since Abbott revoked the mask mandate, coronavirus cases in Texas have decreased by nearly 4,000 per day, according to data from the New York Times COVID tracker.

Texas had a total of 7,253 new cases and 232 deaths per week before Abbott repealed the mask mandate on March 2, but the state currently has an average of 3,224 new coronavirus infections and 88 deaths per week the data shows.

The latest number indicates that Texas now has the lowest number of new cases since last June.

When Gov. Abbott decided to remove the mask mandate and scrap the restrictions on businesses and individuals in early March, Dr. Anthony Fauci and legions of public health “experts” warned of catastrophic effects, predicting thousands of unnecessary deaths. But the new data indicates the epidemic in the Lone Star State has continued to recede.

Asked about the phenomenon during an interview on MSNBC on Tuesday morning, Fauci—a senior advisor to President Joe Biden—struggled to come up with a satisfactory response.

As ZeroHedge noted, “if you go to Texas … it looks like 2019 … the restaurants are full … the ballparks are full …” and the number of cases has been steadily decreasing. Fauci stated that “It can be confusing because you may see a lag or a delay because often you have to wait a few weeks … there’s a lot of things that go into that.”

“I’m not really sure, it could be because they’re doing things outdoors, you know it’s complicated to just one-on-one compare that … I hope they continue to tick down if they do that would be great. But there’s always the concern that when you pull back on methods, particularly things like indoor dining, or bars that are crowded … you could see a delay, then all of a sudden cases tick back up.”

“We’ve been fooled before with places opening up, then nothing happens, but all of a sudden, a few weeks later, cases explode on you,” he continued.

Fauci wrapped up by saying, “we’ve got to be careful we don’t prematurely judge” Texas’s situation.

The Lone Star State is also moving in the right direction despite previous criticism from Democrats, including President Biden, who called Gov. Abbott’s decision “Neanderthal thinking,” and California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), who called it “absolutely reckless.”

However, the Texas governor assured when he decided to fully open the state that his decision did not include abandoning “safe practices that Texans have mastered over the past year. Instead, it’s a reminder that each person has a role to play in their own personal safety & the safety of others.” 

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