An Oklahoman stretch of national infrastructure will be dedicated to the 45th president of the United States.

The Sooner State has decided to honor the four years former President Donald Trump spent serving the nation by renaming a section of the U.S. Route 287 (U.S. 287) highway in the state’s Panhandle region.

On May 19, the Oklahoma state Legislature passed Enrolled Senate Bill 624, allowing the 20-mile stretch of U.S. 287 in Cimarron County to be known as the President Donald J. Trump Highway from Nov. 1.

“The section of State Highway 287 beginning at the municipal limits of Boise City, extending southeast to the Oklahoma-Texas border in Cimarron County, shall be designated as the ‘President Donald J. Trump Highway,'” the bill wording said.

One week later, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) signed the bill into law, meaning the state Department of Transportation is now tasked with designing, preparing, and erecting signage bearing the new name.

“The Department of Transportation shall cause suitable permanent markers bearing that name to be placed on the highway,” the bill wording said.

State Senate Minority Leader Kay Floyd (D) temporarily stalled the bill in the Oklahoma Legislature because she wanted the former president to wait three years after he dies before any highway is named in his honor, according to state law.

However, Republican legislators successfully argued there should be an exception, and they even offered to cover the cost of signage privately.

Senate Bill 624 commemorates several prominent individuals, including law enforcement, military personnel, and local and state legislators.

“Highways, bridges, and other facilities–which are part of the state highway system–may be considered for dedication in honor of individuals deserving of commendation for their active involvement in the project or for outstanding service to the nation, this state, or their community,” the bill wording said.

GOP state Sens. Nathan Dahm (Broken Arrow) and Marty Quinn (Claremore) unsuccessfully tried to rename a stretch of U.S. Route 66 after the previous president back in 2019. However, on both sides of the aisle, Oklahomans reacted angrily to the proposal, condemning the politics of the Mother Road, according to The Oklahoman.

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