Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), the No. 3 Senate Republican leader, has vowed to make President Joe Biden a half-term president by seizing majorities in the Senate and the House from Democrats next year.

“I’m looking forward to a very successful 2022,” Barrasso said of the 2022 midterms at an event hosted by the conservative Ripon Society last Thursday, June 10.

“Mitch McConnell’s come under a lot of criticism for saying at one point he wanted to make sure that Barack Obama was a one-term president. I want to make Joe Biden a one-half-term president,” Barrasso said.

“I want to do that by making sure they no longer have the House, Senate and White House,” the Senate Republican Conference chair said in a video posted on Ripon Society YouTube channel on Wednesday.

According to Politico, Barrasso echoed McConnell’s comments in 2010 when then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declared a similar statement about toppling then President Barack Obama during his first term.

Clarifying Barrasso’s comments, his communications director Laura Mengelkamp said that the senator referred to a possible victory by the Republicans who would retake control of Congress and win the White House in the next general election cycle.

“Sen. Barrasso’s remarks discussed his work to make sure Republicans take both the Senate and House in 2022, which would be the best way to effectively stop President Biden from moving his liberal agenda post-midterms, and position Republicans to win the White House in 2024,” Mengelkamp told The Hill.

In his speech, Barrasso said that Biden’s agenda has been out of step with the American mainstream while accusing the Senate Democratic Conference of not making efforts to attract Republican cooperation but heading to the left.

“There’s a 50-50 Senate, which should be a mandate to move to the middle. Instead, they seem to be heading as far to the left as they can,” Barrasso said.

At present, the Senate is split evenly, and Democrats have a single-digit margin in the House. But the history indicates that the party in power tends to lose seats in the midterms, according to Politico, which also cited political prognosticators saying that Republicans have a strong chance to retake one or both chambers in 2022 as Barrasso expects.

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