A Kamala Harris ( D- Calif.) campaign staffer expressed her discontent with the treatment of staff in her resignation letter, reported The New York Times. 

Kelly Mehlenbacher is a veteran staffer that worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. In the letter, she strongly condemned staff treatment citing it as “the final straw in this very difficult decision.”

Harris’s campaign reportedly has experienced significant staff redeployment between offices in New Hampshire, Baltimore, and Iowa. The staffer pointed out the concerning errors saying that it is “unacceptable.”

She wrote, “It is not acceptable to me that we encouraged people to move from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore only to lay them off with no notice, with no plan for the campaign, and without thoughtful consideration of the personal consequences to them or the consequences that their absence would have on the remaining staff.” “It is unacceptable that we would lay off anyone that we hired only weeks earlier.”

She also criticized the campaign’s lack of planning and weak management, while explicitly held top leadership accountable for the worsening situation. 

It articulated her dismay with campaign manager Juan Rodriguez when Rodriguez failed to set out strategy and finances after sweeping layoffs ahead of the campaign’s move to Iowa, according to the Independence.

Mehlenbacher was not the sole critic of Harris’s top campaign aides. Her sentiment reportedly resonated with dozens of current and former campaign staffers and allies, speaking largely on the condition of anonymity, to disclose the campaign’s many flaws and tactical errors.

Concern was also raised by Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), a Harris supporter. Fudge also blasted Rodriguez in his interview with The Times, stating “I have told her there needs to be a change. The weakness is at the top. And it’s clearly Juan. He needs to take responsibility—that’s where the buck stops.”

In the letter published on Friday, Nov. 29, Mehlenbacher still expressed her conviction in Harris’s candidacy.

Yet, her polling has revealed a fading trend at 3.8 points following the most recent Democratic debates, showed RealClear Politics.

Politico reported that Mehlenbacher joined former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaign team.

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