Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) in an op-ed published in The New York Times on Thursday, July 25, repeatedly accused President Donald Trump for being a racist but apparently proved that she does not like the United States of America.

In the op-ed, “It is not enough to condemn Trump’s racism,” the freshman lawmaker said, expressing her disappointment of the America, the country where her family found refuge, for not being good enough.

“The America we arrived in was different from the one my grandfather had hoped to find. The land of opportunity he imagined was in fact full of challenges. People identified me in ways that were foreign to me: immigrant, black. I learned that these identities carried stigmas, and I experienced prejudice as a visibly Muslim woman,” Omar said.

Omar avoids addressing criticism of her anti-Semitism while accusing the president of “his efforts to pit religious minorities against one another,” and blaming the administration’s policies by false claims, citing, “the caging of immigrant children at the border or the banning of Muslim immigrants by allowing segregation in public housing.”

She claimed, “We must support policies that unmistakably improve working people’s lives, including by strengthening collective bargaining, raising the minimum wage, and pursuing a universal jobs guarantee,” while deliberately ignoring that the unemployment rate had fallen to lowest level in nearly 50 years, adding hundreds of thousands new jobs under President Trump’s administration.

Omar railed against President Trump for “weaponizing division,” saying, “if working Americans are too busy fighting with one another, we will never address the very real and deep problems our country faces.” She may have just forgotten to mention the ongoing feuds between her “squad” and Democratic leaders.

The Minnesota lawmaker who never expresses gratitude toward the United States where nowadays she lives and serves, concluded, “Democracy is under attack once again. It’s time to respond with the kind of conviction that made America great before.”


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