Four in 10 Americans polled believe President Donald Trump has the personality and leadership qualities a president should have, according to a recent Gallup poll [PDF]. That is an increase of 7 percentage points from two years ago.

The April 17-30 poll found that President Trump’s character assessments are in line with his improved job approval ratings. The two ratings are similar now as they were two years ago. 

The president’s evaluation was most positive when it came to his position on issues. Forty-seven percent said they agree with him on the issues that matter the most to them. That’s a significant jump from 39 percent two years ago.

There are wide party differences on the question of perceived agreement or disagreement with issues that matter most to them.

Broken down into parties, 93 percent of Republicans agree with President Trump on the most important issues, while 22 percent of Democrats do, which is still a 6 percent increase. Forty percent of Independents agreed with President Trump.

But overall, 38 percent “characterized President Trump’s ideology” as about right. Only 17 percent overall thought he was too liberal, and 39 percent think he is too conservative.

According to the poll, 77 percent of Republicans describe President Trump as being “about right” when it comes to his political views being either too liberal, about right, or too conservative.

Meanwhile, 9 percent of Democrats said he is too conservative, and 32 percent off independents think President Trump is not too liberal or too conservative, but about right.

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