Given the severity of the illegal alien crisis and the Democrats’ exaggeration of a supposed threat to Capitol Hill, noted author and host Laura Ingraham exposed these facts as political expediency by President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“We didn’t expect to see as many as 11,000 unaccompanied children and our sources say that’s only about one-fourth of the total number,” Ingraham was quoted as saying by Fox News on March 5. 

She added, “Biden, through his policies, has said [to illegal immigrants] ‘However you get here, you can stay.’ He has single-handedly given us the worst immigration crisis that we have ever confronted—and during a pandemic no less.”

Democrats prioritize illegal aliens

Ingraham found it alarming that Democrats prioritize illegal aliens while destroying Americans’ rights and mistreating National Guardsmen.  

“There’s an invasion in America that the Democrats wholeheartedly support. It depletes our resources, endangers border patrol, erodes the public trust in our rule of law,” she continued.

She also noted, “When migrants are put in hotels and National Guardsmen are put in a [parking] garage and eat moldy food, you get a sense of where their real priorities lie.”

She went on to highlight the handling given to the alleged threat against the Capitol, and how it affects taxpayers, who could end up paying a billion dollars for the guards, in addition to experiencing the loss of rights that the Democrats are causing.

To her, Democrats not only want to make citizens believe that Republicans are a threat, but will persist with their setup until 2022 to influence elections, Ingraham contends. 

Barricading the Capitol from Americans

With barricades and barbed wire enclosing the Capitol they prevent the free right contained in the First Amendment for Americans to enter the premises and present their petitions. 

“This is what democracy looks like under Pelosi: Voting while most people are sleeping and then walling off the Capitol for the foreseeable future to prevent you, the American people, from ever peacefully gathering and being heard there,” Ingraham emphasized on Fox News. 

Among the adversities caused by illegal immigration flowing continuously from the Mexican border are the sufferings of foreign children who are brought in this way. 

That is why several Republican representatives submitted a letter seeking protection for the minors and asking if there are plans to stem the tide of immigrants.   

The letter noted a “sharp increase in unaccompanied alien children” along the border, and the lawmakers said there should be “adequate oversight” from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services to determine if there is a plan to stem the tide of migrants.

These children, who enter unprotected without the care of adults, often end up being victims of human trafficking, sexually abused, and/or used to commit criminal acts.