CNN correspondent, Joan Walsh ripped President Trump’s behavior when the president honored the hero dog Conan in an impromptu press conference in the Rose Garden on Monday, Nov. 25, at the White House. And her tweet was then subject to a storm of rebuke from President Trump ‘s supporters. 

The hero dog Conan was presented with a medal and certificate for his contribution in the raid wiping out ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. 

Walsh mocked President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s behavior as “exude coldness” to the outstanding dog out of fear. She also uttered a sarcastic remark that the president does not remember the name of the breed and called the first lady’s coat “macabre.”

Trump supporters tweeted back commenting that the first lady was very considerate to make room for Conan to have a better sight.

“Umm…that’s known as giving center stage to the dog.” replied Save by the Blood.

Some argued that Conan is a well-trained military dog, and not a pet that anyone is allowed to cuddle with. 

Mindy Johnson tweeted, “Maybe you should learn how you’re supposed to act around working military dogs before commenting, bro. It’s not a pet, it’s a tactical weapon.”

Many commented that it is other Fake news that CNN was reporting about President Trump.

duceman33 called it another hate attack against the Trumps:

Another dismissed the comment on “the Trumps’ coldness” by citing the fact that President Trump has just signed animal cruelty bill into law, making it a federal felony:

Walsh eventually offered some apology for her thread:

Political analyst Joan Walsh moved to CNN after being dropped by MSNBC in 2017. 

CNN falsely reported that President Trump had a heart attack when he made the trip to Walter Reed Medical Center on Nov. 23 last week.
The president then shot down the speculation on his health, claiming: “The press in this country is dangerous.”