A Republican should step down from his responsibility of signing bills passed by the Georgia General Assembly, the president said.

President Donald Trump is demanding the resignation of Brian Kemp after the governor of Georgia failed to uncover conclusive evidence of voter fraud at the November election.

“@BrianKempGA should resign from office,” the president said on Twitter. “He is an obstructionist who refuses to admit that we won Georgia, BIG! Also [we] won the other swing states.”

President Trump criticized the GOP-led Georgia government for failing to uphold the integrity of the election system, and allowing Joe Biden and the Democrats to easily seize the White House.

“I love the great state of Georgia but the people who run it, from the Governor, @BrianKempGA to the secretary of state, are a complete disaster and do not have a clue, or worse–nobody can be this stupid,” the president said on Twitter.

The president was also disappointed with the state government’s lackluster policy decisions that do not put Americans first.

“The consent decree signed by the ‘secretary,’ with the consent of Kemp, is perhaps even more poorly negotiated than the deal that John Kerry made with Iran,” the president said on Twitter. “Now it turns out that Brad R[affensperger’]s brother works for China, and they definitely do not want ‘Trump.’ So disgusting!”

The remarks came after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and Secretary of State’s Office concluded a limited signature match audit in Cobb County. Peach State authorities found “no fraudulent absentee ballots” and only two mismatched ballots.

“Cobb County Elections Department had a 99.99 percent accuracy rate in performing correct signature verification procedures,” the audit report said. “Two ballots that should have initially been identified by Cobb County Elections Department staff as requiring a cure notification were actually cast by the voters to whom they were issued. No fraudulent absentee ballots were identified.”

GBI and the Secretary of State’s Office claimed the audit reviewed 15,118 “absentee-by-mail ballot oath envelopes from randomly selected boxes.”

“[This represents] around 10 percent of the total of 150,431 absentee ballots received by Cobb County election officials in the November election,” the report said.

Georgia authorities released these audit results shortly after President Trump complained about experiencing lengthy delays in verifying who won that leg of the presidential race.

“When are we going to be allowed to do signature verification in Fulton County, Georgia?” he said on Twitter. “The process is going VERY slowly.”

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