The candidate for vice president, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), was recorded asking someone nearby what city she was in, before addressing her meager audience.

“Are we in Cleveland,” Harris asked the man who handed her the microphone. After confirming that she was, she said, “Hey, Cleveland! It’s Kamala!”

The video went viral, and President Donald Trump’s campaign posted it on Oct. 24, writing, “An open mike caught Kamala Harris asking the staff, ‘Are we in Cleveland?” before she spoke.

Harris was in Cleveland, Ohio, to give a speech at Cuyahoga Community College in the presence of about 50 people, according to The Columbus Dispatch. 

She also made one of the mistakes that have often discredited Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, by declaring that the deaths caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus in the United States were “more than 220 million” Americans, exaggerating some 1,000 times the real figure, according to Fox News. 

Harris stands out for leading the strong leftist trend that now characterizes the Democratic Party, even if the negative response of Americans to socialism leads her to deny it.

The Trump campaign exposes Harris’s contradictory behavior. 

“CBS Norah O’Donnell reminds Kamala Harris she has the most left-wing voting record in the Senate after she tries to deny it.”

“Well, actually, the non-partisan GovTrack has rated you as the most liberal senator,” the campaign wrote in a tweet.

Although Harris continued to evade her strong leftist views with a certain lightness, O’Donnell remained firm in her questioning, pressuring Harris to clearly express her position on the matter, in a segment of the program “60 Minutes” published on Oct. 25.

Even though O’Donnell reminded Harris of several points on the progressive agenda, she continued to avoid admitting the trend she has heralded throughout her campaign, and as a supporter of leftist Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-Vt).   

Harris has also praised the participants in the violent riots that followed the death of African American George Floyd, and called on her supporters to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) to post bail for those arrested. 

“If you can, contribute now to the @MNFreedomFund to help bail out the protesters in Minnesota,” Harris wrote on June 1.

She also said the riots would not stop and would continue after Nov. 3, Election Day. 

Another aspect that causes concern about Harris’s candidacy for vice president is her husband, Douglas Emhoff and his ties to a company that represents organizations of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Emhoff is a partner in the investment services firm DLA Piper, which has represented CCP companies in the United States and Europe for nearly 30 years and has more than 140 lawyers at its service, according to National Pulse on Sept. 5.

This case could generate conflicts of interest for Harris.

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