Democrats exploited the deadly Asian pandemic when they warned Americans not to protest or face a longer economic shutdown, a pro-Trump youth group said.

Students who support re-electing President Donald Trump have accused Democratic Party governors of taking advantage of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus crisis to use tougher regulations to silence civil unrest about social distancing measures.

“When you see these governors threatening to extend lockdowns, arresting people for wanting to open up their businesses, giving out these massive fines to churches for wanting to hold services in a parking lot when everybody is in their cars social distancing, it is ridiculous,” Students for Trump co-founder Ryan Fournier told Real News Insights Studio 45. “The Democrats are exploiting this strategy to the best of their ability.”

Fournier described severe economic shutdowns that some Democrat-led state legislatures introduced as clear examples of the dangers of excessive regulation.

“People are seeing how dangerous it is when government overreach becomes so powerful that it infringes on your personal liberties and free enterprise,” he said. “Extended government shutdowns are destroying local and state economies. They are expecting over 100,000 small businesses to be wiped out, 30+ million people unemployed … and people are living it and getting their small sample of communism.”

Backlash for lockdown

He believes many of the anti-lockdown demonstrations reflect growing community unrest about the economic impact of shutting down the nation to help contain the virus. He warned Democratic governors may face voter backlash due to their tough lockdown measures at the upcoming general election.

“People are mad, they are upset, they are protesting,” he said. “People are going to remember this when they go to the polls … we should be working tirelessly, really to protect and defend these freedoms that we have, instead of seeding it to these would-be tyrants for their ‘safety and protection.'”

Fournier found no legitimate reason to prevent Americans from casting their ballots in person on Nov. 3.

“If people can wait in line to get into a Walmart or Home Depot or Lowes, they can wait in line in November to re-elect this president,” he said. “Young people across the country are not stupid, they are very much so awake, they are awakened by the fact that the left has done the thing that they did in 2016 again, they sidelined the candidate of preferred choice among young people.”

He believes young voters will support the president because he can help the nation recover from the pandemic.

“When you look at President Trump he is out there to make America better than when he picked it up, he is going to leave this country in a much better condition,” he said. “People are not awakened to [Democratic presidential candidate] Joe Biden, they do not see hope in Joe Biden.”