In 2014, President Obama stopped the public from looking too closely at the worsening border crisis. Breitbart News was chastised for speaking to border control and reporting the situation independently. The Joe Biden and his administration is back to their old tricks in the 2021 update.

Independant media are not permitted to observe or photograph the escalating situation at the southern border. No photographs are permitted, and all government officials have been “advised” not to speak with reporters or journalists by the Biden administration, reasoning this is just because of the CCP Virus (COVID-19).

According to four current and two former Border Patrol and sector officers, the Biden administration is regulating in detail what they may or may not share with the media as an influx of illegal aliens challenges the agency’s capability at the southern border.

Several news channel demanded entry to or photographs from within overcrowded border detention centers housing unaccompanied illegal children but were refused. Late on Tuesday March 16, the Department of Homeland Security’s press office released one snapshot of a mother and infant receiving a health test inside a border hospital, but no larger shots to show the conditions in the facilities or even the sleeping arrangements.

Back in June 2018, at the height of the Trump administration’s child separation scheme, journalists were even given tours of centers where children alone were being housed.

With Election Day behind us, Big Media has tended to write in a slanted way, both to slam Trump and support Biden.

Examining stories of related incidents that occurred during both the Trump and Biden administrations is another way to determine which way the media leans. The disparity in how similar cases are treated is striking.

Concerns about the Chinese Communist Party,  concerns about the Middle East or the southern border surge of illegal aliens entering the country, including young children and teens, some of whom have been sent to a camp in Texas, reigniting criticism of children in cages—a direct product of Biden’s actions and campaign statements calling for opening the country’s doors.

It isn’t a disaster, according to White House mouthpieces. It’s referred to as a “challenge.” But it’s a mess he’s created, and they’re well aware of it.

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