Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a trial lawyer, known for having successfully sued large companies such as Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank, brought together a group of experts from different fields to bring to justice to governments, health authorities, laboratories, doctors, and all those involved in the forced measures taken against the pandemic—lockdowns, social distancing, use of masks, vaccination—and which caused serious damage to millions of people around the world.

What is Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s approach?

Dr. Fuellmich plans to assemble class action lawsuits mainly focused on destroying small and medium-sized businesses that suffered the most from the encirclement. According to the lawyer, this is part of a global agenda to destroy the middle class that large corporations like Amazon will replace.

In fact, during the pandemic, the profits of corporations like Amazon skyrocketed while many business owners suffered huge losses or went bankrupt.

As he explained in an interview with a Breitbart journalist based in London, pursuing the claims individually is impossible because the courts, unfortunately, respond to the interests of the corporations who ultimately dictate the game’s rules.

On the other hand, by raising the material damages that hundreds of thousands of people suffered from the lock-ins, for example, because of a defective product, the same principle would apply to everyone. Then, if one of these class actions succeeds in any court, it would trigger thousands of lawsuits around the world.

“Part of the agenda is the destruction of the middle class because all these small businesses will supposedly be taken over by big corporations like Amazon,” Fuellmich said. “While everyone is looking in the direction of the corona, no one sees what’s really happening or they see it, but they don’t understand why it’s happening.”

What is the basis for the lawsuit or what is the scientific evidence that motivated him

Fuellmich explains that every government in the world based its decisions to lock people up, force them to wear masks, and finally vaccinate them on PCR tests.

Now the problem is that the PCR tests invented by a German named Drosten were designed only days after the virus was discovered in Wuhan, China, and were not designed to diagnose a disease but to amplify material that would otherwise be invisible to the human eye.

As soon as Drosten announced that he had a rapid test to detect the virus on Jan. 23, 2020, the WHO recommended its use, and it was used as the gold standard for determining whether a person is infected or not.

For the lawyer, the fact that all anti-pandemic measures have been based on a ‘defective product’ such as PCR is really a deception.

According to Fuellmich, the PCR tests currently in use with amplification of between 40 and 45 cycles at the suggestion of Drosten, who apparently is not even a doctor, when the acceptable standard is 24, give a 97% false-positive rate.

That is, when the material is amplified so many times, the test is always positive because it detects any material as virus.

Vaccines will be used to control the population

The ultimate goal of the lockdowns and the measures taken against the pandemic is to vaccinate people with the promise of returning to normalcy, the lawyer explains. The vaccines are part of reducing the population. For Fuellmich, this is not a conspiracy theory because all the information is on the Internet. It is just that the media does not publish it, and Big Tech censors it.

Bill Gates owns a global firm called GAVI or Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance which of course is in charge of researching and developing vaccines.

Fuellmich gave the example of India and Africa. Gavi sent ‘vaccines’ to these countries, but in the end, they realized that they were not vaccines but sterilizers, i.e., it was a campaign to render people sterile. India sued Gavi, and they were kicked out of the country.

In other words, population control is still a ‘conspiracy theory’ because there is no media or government actively exposing this issue, but the information and evidence is available.

What about the famous ‘immunity’ that governments grant to labs?

According to the lawyer, immunity does not exist when vaccine manufacturers knowingly harm people, i.e. knowing that these experimental vaccines, which Fuellmich calls ‘gene therapy’ are not safe, have been administered to people.

During the Nuremberg trials against Nazi war criminals, not only the military was prosecuted, but also the doctors, who did many experiments on Jews.

One of the concepts that emerged as a result of the Nuremberg trials was consent.

“Informed consent means that a medical intervention is only legal if the patient consents, and the patient’s consent is only valid if he or she is fully informed before the medical intervention takes place,” Fuellmich explains.

In this case, vaccines not having gone through clinical trials, not knowing the adverse effects are highly dangerous. Governments, doctors, and everyone involved in pushing vaccination violates the Nuremberg code.

Fuellmich envisions a process similar to what happened at Nuremberg, an international jury that will try this entire corrupt system for the crimes against humanity committed during this pandemic.

“To clean this up we will need an international trial against all the perpetrators,” the lawyer said.

The plan went wrong

For the lawyer, this pandemic and the subjugation of people was going to take place in 2030. But the elite got greedy and moved the date up. That’s why they are having these problems like the adverse effects of the vaccines because the plan was not ready in its entirety.

Regarding adverse effects, Fuellmich explains that what is reported in VAERs (vaccine adverse effects reporting) is only 1% of what actually happens, so the actual reported deaths are exponentially higher.

Early litigation

There were already three cases where governments were sued and judges ruled in their favor: one was in Vienna, one in Lisbon and one in Germany.

The judge in Germany, who after listening to experts on his side, wrote a very straight opinion, had his house, his car, his computer ransacked, so the lawyer sees that it is going to be a very tough fight.

To win these class action lawsuits, considering that the court systems are full of corrupt judges who rule in favor of big corporations or global interests, some of the major players have to fall.

Fuellmich is optimistic that will happen because he is now seeing how several legislators are pushing for the firing of Fauci, an admittedly corrupt government official.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich sees the pandemic as the Final Judgement Day

At the end of the interview and when the reporter’s questions were more along the lines of whether the lawyer feared for his life by exposing himself so much, Fuellmich said he was not afraid, that he was protected, although he clarified that he was not a religious person.

“I never thought I would say something like this because I am a lawyer, but this is really a fight of good against evil,” Fuellmich assured. But “I have no choice; I have a task to fulfill. And it is meant to happen this way.”

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