Some time ago, Henry Kissinger, with his usual sarcasm, said something like “when NATO pushes a button, a missile comes out. When the European Union pushes a button, a communiqué comes out.”

But that is no longer the case.

Just look at the very long final communiqué after the June 14 NATO summit.

Gone are the concise and compromising first communiqués with which NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) started out.

This time there are about 80 paragraphs full of empty words and ambiguities. When not crass errors.

Let us not forget that it was the Soviet threat that led to the creation of NATO and the transatlantic alliance always reminds us that it is the strongest and most successful military alliance in history.

But, unfortunately, this claim does not stand up to the slightest scrutiny.

First of all, it is not the first or only permanent military alliance in history: there is the case, to give but one example, of the League of Delos, created in 407 BC by several Greek city-states and lasting 70 years, which succeeded not only in defeating the Persian Empire but also in putting an end to piracy in the Aegean.

Secondly, the self-styled “success of NATO” is more than debatable. Just look at where it has intervened or even refused to intervene.

It has not been able to dissuade Russia from not intervening in Ukraine.

Its mission in Iraq was a disaster that did not prevent the birth of ISIS or the establishment of its Caliphate.

And what to say about its endless presence in Afghanistan.

Yes, it is time to call a spade a spade….

Contrary to what is often claimed, NATO did not win the Cold War. Because it did not fight it.

It was a program like Ronald Reagan’s misnamed “star wars” and the technological acceleration of the 1980s that aggravated the multiple contradictions of the USSR, which was unable to adapt to the new rhythms of innovation and economics and eventually imploded.

But, after the dissolution of the USSR, NATO was happy and passive with the new status quo.

The subsequent intervention in the Balkans left many shadows (for example, it almost lost to Milosevic over Kosovo) and also left serious political problems unresolved (in fact, Bosnia remains divided).

In short, NATO has been living in a fairy tale since 1989.

But despite its more than poor performance, NATO stands parallel to Washington and shows its grave concern about China’s military and technological rise, without, however, saying what it intends to do to limit this threat.

NATO denounces Russia’s interference, but has so far failed to dissuade it.

And, to crown its inoperative and progressive bias, NATO finally assures us that the main challenge of our time is… climate change.

Yes, NATO seems to be on the way not to regenerate itself as a military and defense alliance, but as a school of “woke” thinking.

That is, of what the left considers to be politically correct.

NATO has become yet another pillar of the globalist framework.

That is why it is imperative to label this organization for what it is: a supranational body that allocates millions and millions of Western resources to serve the globalist-communist agenda.

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