Gordon Chang, author and China expert alerted Americans to the true intentions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) behind its suspiciously low numbers of CCP Virus infections and deaths. He said the CCP is only seeking to prove that it is superior to the United States.

During an interview on Fox News, Chang, author of the book “The Coming Collapse of China,” with extensive knowledge of Chinese communism, spoke about recent Chinese state media reports that stated extremely low numbers of CCP Virus infections and deaths.

The CCP tries to extend its influence

“We don’t know the actual state of coronavirus infections and deaths in China, but there is one thing that sure: and that is the Communist Party is using their treatment of coronavirus to extend their influence in the world and that means that infections, and deaths are actually extremely political right now,” Chang said.

The People’s Daily, propagandist media of the CCP, published on Twitter on Feb. 2, that China registered “25 new cases,” “1,516 active cases” and “12 asymptomatic cases, 7 of them foreigners.”

Since the outbreak of the CCP Virus in Wuhan, the CCP has reported just over 100,000 cases and just 4,820 deaths. For a population of 1.4 billion these figures are laughable.

What are the real numbers?

“Low numbers of infections and deaths, support the Communist Party narrative, that their methods of dealing with coronavirus [the CCP Virus] is superior to that of the U.S., and other countries,” explained Chang, who added, “And this fits into their narrative that their form of governance is superior to democracy.”

 Chang said that when the CCP announced that it had put together an anti-pandemic task force, of the nine people in this group, only one was a public health official, the others were propaganda workers and Party members.

“And that really shows the Communist Party priorities with regard to this,” Chang said.

Understanding the WHO situation

The Chang criticized President Joe Biden’s decision to rejoin the World Health Organization, which former President Trump left because of the body’s lack of transparency.

“Senior doctors at the WHO knew that the coronavirus was highly contagious, but their concerns were nullified by the political leadership that spread China’s [the CCP’s] position that it was not readily transmissible,” Chang said.

“So, we should not be rejoining the WHO because it was complicit with China,” he said.

Chang also claimed that the CCP intentionally spread the virus outside China when it asked other countries not to close their borders to Chinese while in China it imposed a serious quarantine, knowing how contagious the disease was.

Chang said, now the White House wants to cooperate with communist China to combat the CCP Virus but, he asserted, “You can’t cooperate with a country that is responsible for hundreds of thousands of American deaths.”

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