A southern California man received some unexpected help with home duties.

Anaheim resident Lupe Robles struggled to mow the grass on a hot, 85 degree summer day. The 83 year-old’s physical challenges quickly attracted attention from Anaheim Police Department.

Officers Alex Ungureanu and Lorenzo Uribe decided to postpone their usual police duties, and offer the elderly man a helping hand.

“Uribe says, ‘Hey, look at the old man pushing the lawnmower in the heat. Let us turn back and help him,'” Ungureanu said according to CBS Los Angeles.

The pair had been sent to the neighborhood to investigate a suspicious vehicle. However, they believed it was their moral duty to help a citizen in need.

“Based on the call we were on, this [grass mowing] was a priority,” Uribe said according to the broadcaster.

The officers quickly took over mowing the grass and pruned some tree branches, much to the delight of Robles.

“He seemed very appreciative,” Ungureanu said.

The officers quickly discovered the gardener felt tired because, for the past 13 years, he mowed, pruned, and watered his neighbor’s yard for free.

This community spirit compelled one of the neighbors to take a photo of all three ‘green thumbs,’ and share it online. This was intended to remind everyone law enforcement officers perform an important community service.

“I pray all the time for them, for their safety because they really are doing a lot for the community,” the neighbor said. “[They are] here to protect us, and so we should be doing more for them.”

Lupe Robles maintained his neighbor’s lawn for free for more than a decade, in Anaheim, Calif., on Sept. 24, 2019. (CBS Los Angeles Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

Another neighbor commended Robles for sacrificing his entire day to help out in the garden.

“This man works from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. in the morning until almost dusk,” he said. “I get tired watching him sometimes, and I am a lot younger than he is.”

Robles believes the more he helps the community the longer he lives. He considers Ungureanu and Uribe to be his new friends.

“I was very grateful,” the gardener said. “I was really happy, they are totally awesome, [and we are] … good friends now.”

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