Did you know that through your ears you could be able to read the human body’s map and discover all of the possible diseases affecting it?

According to western medicine, ears are nothing worthy or special attention. They are just cartilaginous structures that help us capture sounds. However, for traditional Chinese medicine, the ear’s auricle is a unique microcosm on itself. It can show complete and detailed information about the state of the entire body.

It is like a large showroom that reveals everything: the condition of the heart, the liver and all internal organs, including the person’s life and personal history.

In acupuncture, the pressure points in the ear where the needles will be places represent an inverted embryo, with the head positioned downwards and the hips upwards. The various regions of the body have their corresponding points on the ear. For example, people with coronary heart disease present a sloping fold in the earlobe. A ring-shaped hollow around the earlobe called the ‘plum pattern’ is found in the ears of patients with lung cancer. A person with schizophrenia will have an indented auricle. Even the loss of a tooth will be reflected in the ear’s shape.

The human body – the creator’s masterpiece – never ceases to amaze us, doesn’t it?

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