Shen Yun is the world’s premier performing arts company with the mission to revive the essence of the 5,000-year civilization, that was nearly lost. The dancers of Shen Yun always bring out spectacular performances, winning the heart of audiences all over the world.

Shen Yun performing arts company features dancers who are world renowned for their incredible performances.

But how did the company’s dancers manage to endear themselves to such diverse audiences? What keeps them motivated during months and years of practice?

Please watch the video below to be impressed by the performers’ artistic abilities, the inspiring music, and most of all, their tremendous resolve and grace which have touched everyone lucky enough to witness Shen Yun on the stage.

The company’s name translates as “the beauty of heavenly beings dancing,” and the dancers work tirelessly to translate this idea, once again, to the stage.

To dance the way they do requires boundless mental strength and physical flexibility. To dance the way they do requires teaching their bodies to do things that most of us cannot even imagine.

Shen Yun dancer in hard training. (Photo: ShenYun Performing Arts)

To dance the way do means practicing the same moves endlessly. They must overcome all fears and doubts; they must be ready to fall down and get back up again, as many times as it takes.

The journey from history to the present has been long and arduous, as is the journey of the dancers from concept to performance, but those who persevere are those who triumph.

The dancers conjure up the ancient past in order to pave the way toward a better future. The dancers leave behind their egos in service of the company’s mission. The dancers tell a universal story without words. And all dancers embody truthfullness, compassion, and tolerance, both physically and spiritually.

Shen Yun’s dancers exemplify how healing the world begins within each one of us.

No matter what it takes to be a Shen Yun dancer, it’s worth your while. (Photo: Shen Yun Performing Arts)

Just as Aristotle put it: “The aim of art is to represent not outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.

Shen Yun’s dancers are constantly improving their performance and defying the limits of gravity, yet just as importantly, they work inside themselves to naturally express the timeless story they want to share with audiences.

They are true artists: they do not simply master a technique, they are vessels for the development of extraordinary ideas. A pure mind makes space for the magic of music and dance to shine through.

Shen Yun 2019 Official Trailer

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