Few things embody the joy of summer better than biting into a fresh peach so perfectly ripe that the sweet juice dribbles down your chin. Frog Hollow Farm’s legendary peaches have earned a reputation for creating those moments. Their signature sweet and juicy Cal Red peaches—dubbed the “Oh my God” peach—are now in season and available to order.

The certified organic farm, located in Brentwood, California, grows over 12 varieties of peaches harvested from mid-June through September. Co-owner “Farmer Al” Courchesne attributes the superior taste of their peaches to the region’s unique terroir: good soil and a Mediterranean climate. The Frog Hollow team builds and improves the soil with their own compost and only high-quality organic fertilizers, and prunes, trims, and irrigates the trees with sustainable practices throughout the growing season; the rest is “letting Mother Nature do her thing,” Courchesne said.

The resulting fruits have earned a devoted following across the country, especially the Cal Reds. Some years, their harvest window lasts only two weeks, making them all the more precious.

3-pound box for $45, 5-pound box for $65, 10-pound box for $110, including shipping, at FrogHollow.com

Source The Epoch Times

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