A day is something given to you. It is given like a gift, a day is all you have ever had. If you do nothing else than to spend all day cultivating gratitude for this gift that is this unique day, as though it was your very first and last gift, then you will have spent this day well.

Wake up in the morning and begin by opening your eyes, be surprised that you have eyes that you can open. Be thankful that those eyes can somehow absorb the infinite arrays of colors that are constantly on offer for your enjoyment. Treasure each moment by staying in the present, every instance of life come and go, never to repeat itself. From this moment and all the moments onwards in this immense cosmic expanse, nothing will ever be the same again. Yet with wonder, you will find that each moment in time lends itself to timeless fascination. A mind filled with wonder unlocks compassion within one’s heart.

Now, look at the face of any one person. The lines, the curves, the nuances tell a story of love and loss, sorrow and bliss, like yours, it is a story about hope. As beings born of divine order, harmony presides in you and me. It is a story told with a smile, a look in one’s eyes and a moment of vulnerability, a feeling souls entwined inextricably…. Look deeply and find that buried underneath appearances is Truth. It is not something to be known, rationalized, nor spoken for words and crude expressions are hopeless to reach there. Yet it can be felt…

Felt like the enormity of all past feelings compressed into a supernova of pure Being.

We find the breadcrumbs left behind by the original Sender of this gift of the day, a divine path lies ahead for each of us. Let gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you, and then it will really be a good day.


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