On Feb. 25, 2019, when the U.S. Senate failed to pass the Born-alive bill falling short by 7 votes, abortion rights defenders argued that the practice is rare and only exists in instances of abnormalities. Yet, the accounts of the abortion survivors below would paint a different picture and speak volumes for the humane nature of the anti-abortion law.

Gianna Jessen

When Gianna Jessen’s mother came to the Parenthood Planned Center, she had been in her mother’s womb for seven months. Her mother was advised to terminate late pregnancy by injecting saline into the amniotic fluid. This method of abortion is conducted as follows:

Saline solution (including saline, digoxin, potassium chloride, and prostaglandin) is injected into the womb of the mother and into the child. The saline solution will poison the child, destroy the baby both inside and out, the baby’s outer skin will slip out. The baby suffered from pain for about an hour until death, and about a day later the mother would give birth to the baby.

Gianna Jessen survived her mother’s abortion.

She was still alive when she was injected with saline solution and when she was born in an abortion facility, she was still alive. Because of the late arrival of the abortion specialist, Jessen was taken to the hospital.

Jessen was diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to a lack of oxygen during the abortion. However, when she was 4 years old, Jessen could walk with the help of her adoptive mother, someone around, and a fake leg. Currently, Jessen manages to hobble on her own. She is the voice for those who cannot speak and hope for hopeless people through her life protection program.

“Death could not subdue me … and I am very grateful for that,” Gianna Jessen announced.

Melissa Ohden

When Melissa Ohden’s mother discovered she was pregnant, she was a 19-year-old college student. She had a feeling that she had been pregnant for less than 5 months, and had used an abortion method, injecting saline solution into the amniotic chamber. Ohden survived, and the fetus was discovered to be almost 7 months old.

Ohden was then adopted, and she grew up in a loving family. Not until she was 14 years old did she discover that she was a child who survived abortion. This has forever changed her life and urged her to find her biological parents. She contacted and forgave their abortion intentions.

Now, Ohden has become a famous life protection activist and founded the Network of Abortion Children. Her organization strives to raise public awareness of survivors and false abortions while providing emotional and willful support to those who survive abortion. To date, the network has connected with more than 210 abortion-survival children.

“It’s wrong that women’s rights are based on the termination of human life,” Melissa Ohden said.


Claire Culwell

When she realized that she was pregnant, Claire Culwell’s biological mother Tonya Glasby, was 13 years old. Her parents forced her to abort. And when the fetus was 5 months old, she decided to do the abortion. The abortion doctor was unaware of her twin carriage, so she only did an abortion on one child. And one baby still lived in her womb, that’s Culwell.

After the abortion, Tonya still felt there some kind of kicks in her abdomen, which made her realize she was still pregnant. She went to another state to get it aborted, but the doctor thought the abortion then was too dangerous for her.

 Clare Culwell was born at 7 months with dislocated hips and crooked feet. Despite the shortcomings faced after abortion, Culwell has since grown up. At the age of 20, Culwell started looking for her mother. She met her at a friend’s house. She shared her childhood memories with her, forgave and thanked her for saving her life.

Claire Culwell said: “This is my state when surviving abortion. My hip was dislocated, and my legs were twisted, I had to wear orthopedic equipment to correct the after-abortion consequences. But I still deserve to live. ”

Josiah Presley

Josiah Presley’s mother found herself pregnant with a 2 month-old fetus and decided to have an abortion. Shortly after the procedure, she realized that the fetus was still alive, indicating that the abortion was unsuccessful. At that time, she decided to give birth and leave the to-be-born child up for adoption.

Josiah Presley was born with a disabled left arm, the aftermath of an abortion. He was adopted by a loving family. 

When finding out that my mother tried to do away with me, he truly hated her. Only after turning to believe in God, did he manage to let it go and forgive her and all she had done to him.

Josiah shared, “Those unborn babies are the same with us, they are innocent and defenseless against the abortions intending to kill them.”

Nik Hoot

In 1996 in Siberia, Russia, Nik Hoot’s mother decided to have an abortion on her 24 week-old child she was carrying. Eventually, Hoot was born with both feet missing and fingers not fully developed. Marvin and Apryl Woodburn adopted him when they heard the priest say they “must respect all beings, even those with disabilities.”

When he was 2, Hoot was given the first prosthetic legs. After only a few weeks, he could walk on his own. He loves sports, playing football, baseball, basketball, and today, he is a wrestling star. He has persevered to overcome his disability.

Children who survive abortion convey an important message for the pro-life movement: The abortion rights attach immense importance to the rights of women. However, as it is stated by the Founding Fathers of the United States, “We are, each of us, endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” and by the Trump administration that “every child is a precious gift from God,” lives of any beings, whether unborn or born, should be cherished just the same. Despite all the hardship challenges that they have faced, those survivors are a testament for the right to live, to be loved and to be cherished.

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