Zhou Dong, a volunteer at the Shanghai field hospital, has been wandering homeless for nearly a month since he was “deported” from the field hospital on June 1. The reason is that employers do not accept people who have been in a field hospital or have been “positive,” so they cannot find a job, have no place to live, and even get kicked out of public toilets. “No job, no place to live, no one wants us,” said Mr. Zhou Dong.

According to the news of Guancha, at 0:00 on June 1, Shanghai announced the lifting of the lockdown; Mr. Zhou finished his volunteer work and left the field hospital. However, when Mr. Zhou found work through a group of part-time jobs, he faced difficulties; many employers clearly stated they, “Do not hire people who worked in a field hospital or tested positive with Covid-19”. Because Mr. Zhou tested positive on April 20-21, he could not stay at the hotel, and the hotel required a record check of nucleic acid test results within two months.

On April 6 this year, Mr. Zhou, who was working in Guangdong, received information about the recruitment of volunteers in the WeChat group of the Shanghai field hospital. On June 8, he went by car to the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. After arriving, he and thousands of volunteers lived in the convention and exhibition center lobby. At that time, hundreds of people were lying on the ground in the area from the 3rd to the 5th floor. There was no electricity or water, and no one took care of it. On April 12, Mr. Zhou was officially nominated in charge of cleaning and tidying up garbage in the area.

After Zhou Dong left the field hospital, he could not find a job and wanted to stay in a hotel but was rejected and had no job or place to go. Mr. Zhou wandered from Qingpu to Songjiang and from Songjiang to Pudong. For more than 20 days, he lived in abandoned buildings and public toilets, but he was frequently evicted. He said, “Once, we found an office building, the front was rented, but the back was not finished, so we moved in, then the security guard discovered us, asked us to clean up and leave quickly, if we come back they will call the police.

Twitter account @wenjun7011 posted a video on June 30 showing many people sleeping on the ground floor of a building, with litter and blankets left lying around.

Zhou Dong said: “If the problem is not resolved, we will not leave, but if we do not leave, they will force us to leave.”

“Ever since we were kicked out of the field hospital, we have been wandering everywhere, from Qingpu to Songjiang, from Songjiang to Pudong. It’s been more than 20 days since June 1, I just bought a lunch box to eat, the park here has a public toilet, there is a space on the 2nd floor, and I live there. Limitations when looking for a job are due to having worked in a field hospital and having tested positive for the virus.”

In this regard, Vision Times quoted some mainland netizens as commenting: “Apart from feeling disappointed, what else is there to say?”, “This is a tragedy!”, “they make the volunteers feel miserable!”, “Biting the hand that feeds!”, “Are you heartbroken? Right! This is exactly what is happening in Shanghai.”

Net user “guan_16565138791781,” said: “I just want to ask why? What policies and regulations prevent people from finding work? Why are they being discriminated against like this? You say that because some people are afraid to be positive again, then why don’t they even have the right to live in an abandoned house? If it’s outside in winter, how can they survive? If it’s winter, then don’t they even have the right to be alive? If they are at risk of testing positive again, then relevant control measures should be put in. If not, it can only be said that the anti-epidemic measures are outrageous, showing that this society is a bit scary.”

The noticeable thing is that the example of Mr. Zhou Dong is not an isolated case. In a video posted online on June 29, many people, including both men and women, can be seen lying on the ground in a large area. Twitter users said that factories do not accept people returning from field hospitals and people who have tested positive, so they have nowhere to go. Some people work one day, take a few days off, and have to wander around. One netizen said: “China is back to the familiar scene of ‘heaps of corpses.'”

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