Tofu project prevents government’s Covid testing

Yiwu, Zhejiang, is one of the regions affected by the Covid epidemic. The authorities have used nucleic acid testing to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

State-run hospital facilities such as Yiwu Maternal and Child Health Hospital and Yiwu Central Hospital have ramped up operations of nucleic acid testing since August 2.

As reported by the Yiwu Municipal Health Bureau, as of August 7, three nucleic acid testing bases in the city are currently in operation, with a daily nucleic acid testing capacity of 250,000 tubes. There are also mobile nucleic acid sampling vehicles in the suburbs.

However, one of these nucleic acid sampling vehicles had a rare accident on August 6. One video recorded by locals shows that an accident prevented the vehicle from testing people. It was not any accident; it was a consequence of the so-called Tofu projects. When the car parked in front of a village gate, it fell into a hole and was trapped there.

Food security: 

The foie gras sausage has blowfly

Reports on food that do not meet health standards make headlines every day. 

A video shared by Tang, a person in Qingdao, Shandong Province, shows she discovered a blowfly in the foie gras sausage. Tang said she spent more than 60 yuan (almost $9) on several sausages. 

She complained to the manufacturer, but they didn’t solve the issue. They said they could give her 3 sausages as compensation and later said they would refund the original price. However, she rejected and hoped that the manufacturer would give normal compensation in accordance with the regulations.

Famous brand accused of having a tooth in their products 

A video shared by Zhang, a person in Jilin City, Jilin Province, shows a foreign object found in the Lao Ganma—fermented soybeans (豆豉风味的老干妈) flavor box that he bought at the supermarket. He said that he thought it was a bone at first but later wiped the surface of the strange object and found that the shape resembled a child’s tooth. On August 6, Lao Ganma brand said they would send staff to contact the customer for specific verification.

Lao Ganma is one of the famous chili condiment brands in China. Through nearly 20 years of development since 1996, Lao Ganma has become a popular chili brand among Chinese at home and abroad.

Inner Mongolia: Magical lake in the hinterland of Tengger Desert

This is Wulan Lake in the Tengger Desert, Inner Mongolia, China. As you can see, the water in the lake is red like blood, and the lake has a depth of 2 m ( 6.6 feet). Wulan in the local language means red, and the people took this term to name the lake. 

According to locals, the lake is a small inland sea with an old history. They suggest that the lake’s color is related to iron ore or microorganisms. Seen from above, its shape resembles a prominent heart. It is dubbed the “heart of the earth .”[video]

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