In a video on Youtube on May 11, Taiwan legislator Wang Tingyu said that at a time when the world hates aggression, Beijing has continuously conducted multiple batches of military operations.

They have transgressed in the Miyako Strait, the eastern waters of Taiwan, the western Pacific Ocean, and the airspace southwest of Taiwan. In addition, they have harassed Japan, Taiwan, and even the countries surrounding the South China Sea.

Their actions have confirmed that Beijing is an international troublemaker and requires vigilance and precaution from the world.

The legislator pointed out that China’s recent aggressive actions will only give the U.S. freedom of navigation.

Beijing might do better by spending its energy preventing epidemics on the mainland or revitalizing China’s economy, and consuming fewer resources and energy on militarism to harass neighboring countries, which is not a wise move.

He also said that the U.S. State Dept. deleted ‘Taiwan Is Part Of China’ from its updated website.

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