On June 12, Taiwan’s Legislative President announced in a video speech that the island has mass-produced a supersonic Yunfeng missile. This is a missile with a range of more than 1,200 miles, which means it can reach and hit China’s capital, Beijing. 

Professor Zhang Tianliang, a news commentator, shared his view on the issue. 

Taiwan’s Yunfeng missile can deter China

On June 12, Taiwan President of the Legislative Yuan You Si-kun delivered a video speech titled “The Will to Defend is a Good Way to Protect Taiwan—The Enlightenment from the Ukrainian-Russian War.” In the speech, he stated that Taiwan must have a strong will to fight if it wants to ensure security against China’s threat.

He said that self-help and humanitarian assistance are the most important lessons Taiwan can learn from the Ukrainian-Russian war. And Taiwanese should imitate Ukraine in fighting out its enemy.

In his speech, he mentioned Taiwan’s self-produced Yunfeng missile. When he was Taiwan’s Vice Premier from 2002 to 2005, he knew that the island’s Yunfeng missiles could reach Beijing, but he couldn’t talk about it then. 

Now, he confirmed that the Yunfeng missile has been mass-produced, which means that Taiwan is basically ready now.

As Professor Zhang noted, Taiwan’s Legislative President made a very interesting point. He said that, of course, Taiwan does not want to invade China, and Taiwan would not take the chance to attack Beijing and the Three Gorges Dam. But if Beijing wants to attack Taiwan, it must first consider that Taiwan can also directly strike Beijing.

Professor Zhang noted that the Three Gorges Dam is a potential flood bomb over the heads of 600 million Chinese. This is almost half of China’s population. If the dam collapses, flooding will engulf a whole range of areas from Yichang to Wuhan to Nanjing to Shanghai. This is the Yangtze River Delta region, China’s most economically developed area.

Besides, from Taiwan’s Legislative President’s speech, we can notice that the Yunfeng missile was a 20-year-old product. For now, it is not only mass-produced, but after more than ten years of development, it must have developed to the second generation—a more advanced one.

According to Professor Zhang, this missile is not a big secret. According to a report in 2018 by the Washington think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Yunfeng missile is a surface-to-surface supersonic cruise missile. It is also one of the few strategic assets designed to target northern and central China in case of war. 

If you draw a circle radius of about 1200 miles, then the Three Gorges Dam is certainly within the missile’s range.

Professor Zhang also pointed out that China must have known about this missile for a long time, because this kind of thing cannot be hidden. Whenever North Korea secretly tests a missile, the international media immediately reports on it. That’s because things like missile test launches can be seen by satellites. 

Song Zhaowen is a member of Taiwan’s National Defense Advisory Committee and a military expert. In 2018, Song said in a Facebook post that in the future, if Taiwan can have more than 500 Yunfeng high-altitude cruise missiles, they can build an effective threat and boost the combat tempo of Taiwanese operations. This would be good for the peaceful development of both sides of the strait.

Professor Zhang noted that sometimes offense is the best way of defense. That is, having defensive weapons is one thing. But you could deter the enemy from bold action when you also have offensive weapons.

Song Zhaowen also revealed on Facebook that besides having an attack range of more than 1200 miles, Yunfeng missile can reach a speed of Mach 3. Mach 3 is three times the speed of sound, so it would be hard for supersonic missiles and general anti-missile systems to defend against this missile. 

In the latest news, Song Zhaowen said on Monday that the Yunfeng II missile is coated with invisible paint. So it would not be easy to detect the missile by radar. 

And now, Professor Zhang noted, as this Taiwan’s missile hit the mainstream news, China will be even less determined to invade the island. 

The professor also said China has more reasons not to attack Taiwan behind its propaganda.

If Taiwan attacks the Three Gorges Dam with missiles, as long as the Three Gorges Dam collapses, the CCP’s war machine will basically be paralyzed. Because as the dam breaks, the entire area from Wuhan to Nanjing and Shanghai, or the whole north-south traffic, will be interrupted. And the Beijing-Guangzhou railway will be interrupted as well. If the north-south traffic is disrupted, it will be difficult for the north to control the south. It will be hard to deploy troops to the south. And since Beijing would cease to control southern China, the whole situation of Beijing’s dominance over the mainland would be broken and disrupted. 

This would be absolutely unbearable for Beijing. 

Professor Zhang added that Beijing would not dare to attack Taiwan at all costs as it claims, considering the price it would pay.

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