Police and security guards have flocked to quarantined and controlled outbreak communities in Shenzhen.

Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, has broken out again, and the number of cases has increased in a few days. As a result, Futian and Luohu districts urgently announced establishing epidemic prevention areas. However, some said it was a “consternated” battle.

According to the official website of the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, from June 28 to 30, Shenzhen detected three more cases of COVID-19 locally, four positive cases without symptoms, and 12 cases of entry.

On June 30, Shenzhen’s Futian and Luohu districts issued an emergency notice to set up controlled and preventive zones.

According to the official announcement of the Futian district, from 6 p.m. on June 29, buildings 303 and 304 Shantou Street will be managed as controlled areas. In addition, from June 29 to July 1, all residents in the area must take nucleic acid tests for three consecutive days and apply the measures “settlement management, residents do not leave the area.”

Luohu District officially announced that from 8 p.m. on June 29, the Jingbening Building in Huangbei Street will be a controlled area, and the measures “settlement management, residents do not leave the area.” will be applied. The business operations in this area will be suspended. In addition, nucleic acid testing will be carried out for three consecutive days. All checkpoints are open 24 hours a day, and residents are not allowed to leave unless necessary. 

Many Twitter users posted videos showing scenes of residents half laughing and half crying.

The account @Nancy63811466 posted a clip: “On June 24, Shenzhen locked down the village because of the epidemic, and workers rushed home! The tyranny of the walled country makes people can’t live!”

Twitter user @TragedyInChina also uploaded a video saying: “On June 27, Shangmeilin was closed and people fled by climbing over the fence.”

Netizen @chvideonews tweeted: “Because of the epidemic, many places in Shenzhen have been closed and controlled, people have jumped over walls or crawled through holes to get out.”

The account @yulin18494807, witnessing a crowd of police and law enforcement officers, posted a clip expressing fear: “The continuous landing of @yulin18494807 police and security guards to Shenzhen is scary.”

Twitter @COURAGESTARnew said: “On June 27, in Longhua, Shenzhen, an epidemic broke out at a school. Children were not allowed to enter the village…”

Shenzhen’s epidemic prevention areas are locked down. Residents said, “There are iron plates everywhere.” In addition, many police and security guards gathered in some communities, causing great fear among residents.

In a YouTube video posted on June 29, the epidemic in Shenzhen broke out in many places. Many factory workers gathered in front of the factory gate and could not go home because they did not have a 24-hour nucleic acid test certificate.

The Maple Leaf Building in Qianhai District has also been locked down. Workers waited anxiously but were not able to go home. Vision Times quoted a man saying: “Because there are close contact cases here, we have to wait for nucleic acid results before making arrangements.”

The man said that these workers finished their nucleic acid testing at 5 p.m., and now it is 1.30 a.m., and the police and the community have not arranged a place for them to rest.

In the video, Shenzhen has started large-scale nucleic acid testing again. Citizens were admitted to Fangcang field hospital, and large numbers of police and security personnel gathered in many communities. Residents waited in line at the nucleic acid testing zone in the dark.

One man said: “On the evening of June 28, all the nucleic acid tests were executed until 12 p.m.”

“Nucleic acid testing is underway and now we are required to test every day.”

Someone also sighed: “There are fences everywhere!”

The video shows that the epidemic situation in Shenzhen is very chaotic. Police and security personnel are setting up barriers; non-essential businesses are required to close. Some people working in Shenzhen sleep on the street, and migrant workers claim wages but are warned by the police.

Regarding the current epidemic situation in Shenzhen, many netizens discussed it ebulliently, and Vision Times quoted some more comments as follows: “The tragic wages claiming scene has come again.”

Many people criticized the government:

  • “One-party dictatorship, disasters are everywhere; 
  • China brings constant natural disasters; 
  • As long as they put on an anti-epidemic shirt, they really have power and have the whole world;
  • When garlic chives are harvested (a term that refers to low-income people in China), do they have the right to complain about their plight?; 
  • Party leaders, high-ranking officials, and wealthy businessmen must feel happy and honored when garlic chives are being cut, and people have no right to complain, or they will be in trouble.”

Someone compared the suffering and oppression of the residents to: “The scene of the Jews in the concentration camp.” 

Another said: “Having nucleic acid tests from early morning to late evening, going out to do nucleic acid tests just to be home.” Some people even mocked the continuous nucleic acid testing: “Sometimes I really admire the government—managing people obediently picking their noses regularly, this is also a skill not everyone can do.”

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