Recently, many Chengdu residents had to live on the streets overnight after returning from quarantine sites. 

On September 4th, videos uploaded on the internet showed that after their quarantine period ended, many people living in Jinjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan had nowhere to go. Their communities allegedly refused to accept anyone returning from quarantine sites. With nowhere to go, many families could only stay on the streets, including many elderly and children.

In another video, public security stopped people from pulling their luggage home. They asked them to “rely on relatives and friends.”

Similar tragedies occurred when Shanghai imposed citywide COVID lockdowns on its 25 million residents this year. 

After returning from compulsory quarantine, local communities refused to allow people to return to their own homes for fear of being infected. As a result, many people wandered or even slept on the streets. 

A video released on May 4th shows many people who were forced to sleep on the street with their luggage. They could not return home after quarantine.

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