As Shanghai authorities lifted the lockdown from the beginning of June, the city gradually resumed regular activity. Since then, the public’s demand for drawing money from their banks has dramatically increased. 

According to Taiwanese media NewTalk, at many banks across the city, people are waiting in line outside to access banking services. Notably, most of them are elderly, and some even line up at 2 a.m for fear of transactions becoming limited.

Mr. Luo, 78, who was in line, said he came to the bank to receive his monthly pension. He recalled that many people had been in the lineup.

Mr. Luo said that a bank branch only issued 40 stamps for daily transactions. Some people couldn’t get the stamps even if they came to pick them up at 5 a.m. As a result, many older people had to wait in front of the bank for additional stamps.

The bank staff stated that they could only handle a certain number of stamps issued daily. The staff then asked the public not to spend time waiting if they couldn’t get the stamps. They claimed large gatherings could cause the pandemic to spread.

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