A stunning scene has recently appeared in Yantai, Shandong, China.

A video uploaded by netizens shows that on June 13, a vast white roll cloud appeared between the sea and the sky in Yantai, Shandong.

Roll clouds can stretch for miles, and they form a tubular shape that results from a cold front or sea breeze, usually along a coastline.

Some netizens also compared the cloud to the ‘Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod.’ The magic weapon used by Monkey King in ‘Journey to the West.’

According to the Chinese media Nanguo Jinbao, Xiao Zuoheng, a fisherman from Nanhuangcheng Island, Changdao County, Yantai, posted the video.

In an interview with reporters on June 14, Xiao said that the rare natural phenomenon occurred at about five a.m. the previous day. He noticed the cloud when he was preparing to go fishing. 

According to Xiao, the roll cloud lasted for more than ten minutes. 

Not long after it appeared, the sky darkened. The wind began blowing a gale. The boat shook violently, so they decided to go home.

Lin Qufeng, the chief forecaster at the Yantai Meteorological Observatory, said that roll clouds are a rare weather occurrence, and their formation is linked to powerful thunderstorms.

The unusual clouds mentioned above are Arcus clouds or roll or shelf clouds. 

To manifest, they require specific weather conditions and the correct amount of moisture in the air, such as during or shortly before a storm.

Previously, in March 2019, a roll cloud with a length of more than 100 kilometers appeared in Taichung Port.

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