The COVID-19 epidemic has recently re-emerged strongly in China. The more the government tightens the “Zero Covid” policy, the more tragedies it causes. Even the ongoing anti-epidemic in Guangzhou has also been implemented illegally.

In a residential area in Guangzhou, homeowners were forced to move to a hotel for isolation after a positive case was discovered. During the quarantine, the residential area management team and officials broke the door locks and unlawfully entered their houses. The incident involved hundreds of households.

On the afternoon of July 15, a reporter from Tianmu News called the management office of the Banghua Interstellar apartment complex, and the staff said that the incident could have happened on July 10. When receiving a report that “someone is hiding at home,” the four joint epidemic prevention and control units, which are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Neighborhood Office, the Neighborhood Committee, and the police, jointly decided to forcefully break down doors of the apartments from the 6th to the 12th floor of the residential area with a positive case. “One of the purposes is to disinfect, and the other is to prevent people from hiding at home,” they said.

According to a video posted online, the door locks of many apartments were broken and left on the ground. Netizens spread the information that during the time homeowners were quarantined at the hotel; community officials forcibly broke the doors of more than 100 households.

As an apartment owner, one person called the police station in Longwan, Liwan district, where the Banghua community is located, and received a reply: “Please don’t worry, the government complies with regulations. As citizens, in exceptional times we should cooperate with the government. The lock will be replaced later.”

However, is forced entry into people’s houses illegal? For many people, this kind of disease control policy is unacceptable.

As for the mandatory disinfection in households, Article 27 of China’s “Law on Infectious Diseases Prevention” stipulates: For wastewater, garbage, places, and objects contaminated with infectious pathogens, relevant units and individuals must perform strict disinfection under the guidance of the epidemic prevention and control agency or following the hygiene requirements set forth by the agency; “if disinfection is refused, the local health administration or the epidemic prevention and control agency will carry out mandatory disinfection.”

However, some apartment owners emphasized that the owners of those apartments were not infected with the virus, and some of them returned home after the quarantine period on July 15. In addition, apartment owners have not received prior notice to disinfect their homes and are not subject to a referendum, so the “refuse to disinfect” is non-existent.

Furthermore, some netizens pointed out that based on the official announcement that the COVID-19 virus cannot survive on objects’ surfaces for a day at room temperature, there is no reason to break the people’s house doors for disinfection.

After the relevant news was released, mainland netizens criticized the authorities; Vision Times cited some comments such as: “extremely silly.”

“They said they were based on a joint decision … but they decided without compliance to the law”

“Someone compared Guangzhou’s epidemic prevention and control with the break-in in Shanghai a few days ago, laughing at Shanghai’s low management level… I don’t want to make fun of or slap in the face of the Guangzhou government, I just want to say that once it’s a communist regime, it’s the same everywhere.”

“The current epidemic is not scary but is caused by some actions of the government such as forcing the elderly to be vaccinated, forcibly breaking into people’s houses, forcibly taking pets away, to tell the truth, those actions must be completely ended, what era is this now?”

On Weibo, some netizens responded to Nanyang Media‘s post with accusations.

The account September clouds of the year said: “Is it possible to convict a felony of trespassing on someone else’s property?”

Salvation Jikuan criticized: “This kind of breaking the door behavior without noticing is no different from a thief, right?” vvsbbe asked the government to do something perhaps foreign to them: “Compensate, repair and be accountable!”

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