A Weibo user Paulownia Dong Shuchang, posted his pictures and videos of rare lighting types – Red Elf Lighting. He caught this spectacular scene on May 19-20 early morning in the sky of the Himalayas of Tibet, China.

This rare phenomenon resembles a ring-shaped jellyfish with various bizarre effects. Carrot-shaped and column-shaped are also observed.

Although it is short-lived and elusive – around a few milliseconds, it has created a fantastic show of like-wise fireworks exploding over the mountains. It requires only high-performance cameras to capture this phenomenon effectively.

The photographer says this may be the most prominent red elf lightning witnessed in China. It is a once-in-ten-year occurrence.

This time, red elf lightning has also brought many jet streams and strikes, dyeing the entire starry sky red.

He took one or two hundred photos that night. He is excited to share that he obtained GHOST lightning, which has never been recorded in China.

Both elves and strikes are reddish bursts of electricity at altitudes of about 50 miles (80 kilometers). However, while sprites form as a lighting stream downward, elves are ring-shaped halos that can spread wider. Jets are blue lights that spray upward. Ghosts are green emissions from excited Oxygen in Sprite tops.

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