According to the Hong Kong Marine Department, a Chinese engineering vessel named “Fujing 001” broke in two and sank in the waters of Yangjiang, Guangdong, on July 02.

The shipwreck was about 160 nautical miles southwest of Hong Kong. It occurred while typhoon Chaba was rampaging. Thirty crew members were forced to abandon the ship or were washed overboard.

Typhoon Chaba earlier formed in the South China Sea’s central part. It landed in Guangdong province in southern China on July 2. 

The Hong Kong Government Flying Service was directed to conduct the research and rescue work. Accordingly, the service dispatched two sorties of fixed-wing aircraft and four helicopter sorties to the site. Meanwhile, mainland Chinese authorities sent a rescue boat to the site. 

The research and rescue operation was complex because the foundering ship was near the epicenter of Typhoon Chaba. 

The strong wind and waves caused the broken ship to sink steadily, becoming almost submerged. 

The three rescued crew members said the hull was severely tilted and fractured. As a result, they could only hold on to the ship’s railing while waiting for rescue.

Some crew members were swept away before the first helicopter reached the site. 

Fujing No. 001 is a Chinese engineering vessel affiliated with Jiangsu Huajing Zhiyun Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. It is an installation platform for offshore wind turbines. 

After the ship accident drew public attention, Yahoo News reported that the South China Sea Rescue Bureau’s full-text notice of the wrecked ship could no longer be found. Also, its reprinted article on was removed. 

Meanwhile, the South China Sea Rescue Bureau website is currently inaccessible, and Chinese officials remained silent about the case. 

Chinese media outlets forwarded the Hong Kong media’s news without mentioning Fujing 001.

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