Voice of Hope reported on May 10 that rumors about China’s infighting and the 20th National Congress have been persistent recently.

And that although Xi Jinping is still at the center, according to the May 10 issue of the People’s Daily, some signals occurred.

A video on May 10 from Twitter showed a long line of tanks and military vehicles traveling over an elevated bridge. Netizens revealed that it was the Yuba Bridge near Beijing’s South Sixth Ring Road.

Wang Dan, a leader of the June 4 Movement, said in his latest live broadcast that the Xinhua news agency mentioned in the first paragraph that “Xi Jinping presided over the meeting and delivered a speech,” but the entire text did not mention the words “Xi Jinping” in the following few hundred words.

Wang Dan said that Beijing has always been careful in sending political signals, and the above phenomenon is rare.

Yao Cheng, a former lieutenant colonel in the Chinese Navy Command, also tweeted that if you replace another Chinese leader, Beijing will escape the disaster again.

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