According to a report by the Epoch Times on August 12th, Shanghai Berger Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Berger Medical) was recently reported to authorities. It is alleged that to save operating costs; the company sold testing kit reagents that did not meet the state’s transportation temperature regulations to many provinces, involving 40 million tests in Northeast China alone. The incident generated heated discussion among netizens.

On August 10th, Liu Chunli, the sister of Liu Haidiao, the former sales manager of Berger Medical in the Northeast Region, reported the company. Zhao Baihui is the legal representative of Berger Medical.

The whistle-blower Liu Chunli said in the video she filmed, “Berger Medical knows that the new COVID testing kits must be stored and transported at -15°C to -25°C throughout the process. In order to reduce the operating costs of the enterprise, it does not use the full temperature control mode of transportation. Only Ice bags are added to the packaging box, which cannot guarantee the temperature and effectiveness of the kit, which is a serious violation of relevant national regulations.”

Liu Chunli also provided relevant data. She said, “The new crown testing kits sold by Berger Medical involve many provinces across the country. They have been exported from the K3 sales system by Liu Haidiao. The number of illegal transportation kits is shocking. From January 2021 to January 22nd, there were 5,819 sales orders for illegal transportation. The total number of kits is about 750,000, and the total number of tested samples is over 39 million, costing over $3.6 million.”

The whistle-blower added, “Ask such a huge amount of substandard kits, used in nucleic acid tests for epidemic prevention and control, how many people will have missed tests and recorded false positives because of the substandard temperature of the kits.”

In addition, the whistle-blower also disclosed several non-temperature records of Berger Medical when using SF Air transportation kits.

On the 11th, Berger Medical stated that the whistle-blower Liu Chunli was the sister of Liu Haidiao, a fired employee, saying that the police arrested Liu Haidiao on “suspicion of embezzlement” and referred to Liu Chunli’s report as a “false report.”

Some netizens commented: 

  • “The nucleic acid test results involving nearly 40 million people are an incredible event;
  •  Is this the only one that violates the law;
  • When you see a cockroach, be aware that there could be a nest of cockroaches behind it, and the actual situation may be much more serious than what you see on the surface;
  • I wonder why preventing and controlling the epidemic has become more difficult this year. I really don’t know how much people in hard-earned pharmaceutical companies need to make to be satisfied.”

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