“Zero-COVID” policies in cities like Beijing and Guangzhou have seen a big change. What does this mean? Is the end of lockdowns across China imminent? Or has the CCP just compromised with the White Paper Revolution? These two topics are attracting attention from all over the world.

On December 1, major Chinese state media outlets began reporting that there was no evidence that COVID-19 left any sequelae, and it appears the CCP is gradually preparing for further liberalization. (BJ News, Youth China)

In addition to Beijing and Guangzhou, Lanzhou city in Gansu province also began to clear quarantine areas. A large number of people lined up to leave field hospitals. (Video)

Reuters quoted two sources as saying that in the next few days, the regime will announce that patients who meet certain conditions can be quarantined at home.

However, at the same time, a high school in Yicheng City, Hubei province sent a group of students whose nucleic acid test results were deemed abnormal to quarantine. Parents have come to the city government, begging to take their children home. Meanwhile, some parents had a scuffle with pandemic workers. (Video 1, Video 2)

A large number of yellow codes suddenly appeared in Hangzhou on the afternoon of December 1, and people were forced to brave the heavy snow to line up for nucleic acid tests, otherwise the yellow code would not be removed. 

At Guangzhou South Railway Station, those who were about to leave were suddenly coded red or yellow.

However, Jinzhou city, Liaoning province announced that it will continue to implement the “zero-COVID” policy.

Twitter account “Teacher Li is not your teacher” has received information, showing that many places in China again suspend IELTS exams in December, most of the international exams are postponed or canceled. 

There are also many cities that are rushing to build large-scale field hospitals.

Sound of Hope quoted a netizen who said that, there was something wrong with adding more field hospitals when China. Xi Jinping may have other secrets up his sleeve. So everyone has to be careful. one possibility is authorities will first open the door, while at the same time tighten the net outside. They may start political censorship, then use public opinion attack measures, dividing society into two groups of “coexistence” and “elimination.” They will label the coexisting side as foreign forces and killing Chinese people. Launch the masses to fight the masses, so that people forget about fighting the CCP. If the military were to attack protesters directly, anti-Xi factions could use that against Xi. But if it becomes the masses versus the masses, and the military moves in to wipe out foreign forces, then the CCP can officially take them down.

Shi Shan, a senior media man, said on his latest show, “Based on our understanding of the CCP, they absolutely will never back down and compromise, let alone admit their mistakes and correct them. A turbulent new era has just begun. Now it seems that the CCP will adopt a method that is both soft and hard, both loosening and tightening.”

He added that while lockdowns has been lifted in many places, the CCP has been preparing to attack protesters. Over the past couple of days there are signs that the CCP is preparing to overtake the ‘foreign forces’ infiltrating China and the ‘White Paper Revolution’ could escalate.The CCP’s Political and Legal Affairs Committee has ordered a crack down on the foreign forces. And the Ministry of Education convened an emergency meeting of secretaries and principals of colleges and universities across the country, and told them to prevent students from connecting with one another, and the police are also preparing to arrest people.

Shi said: “All leaders under autocratic regimes have a history of oppressing the people, and their hands are stained with the blood of the people, otherwise they would not be able to lead. I hope that the participants of the ‘White Paper Revolution’ don’t overestimate the humanity of the communists, much less underestimate the cruelty of the Communist Party.”

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