Qian Desheng is a former PLA (People’s Liberation Army) soldier. In the 1980s, after retiring, he responded to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) call for people to concentrate on getting rich.

With his own accumulated labor and capital, he built a more than 2,000 square meters (about 1/2 acre) farm in Nantong, Jiangsu. However, the farm was destroyed by the CCP’s local authority.

Applying the theory of communism, the CCP stipulates that all property in China is state-owned. Therefore, Chinese people have ownership rights to all of China’s land but do not have the right to own a specific piece of land. Thus the Chinese regime can take away anyone’s land. 

China’s authorities often use the ruse of changing land use purpose to acquire people’s land. However, they were accused of taking agricultural land to sell to the private sector at a high price and only compensated the farmers a small amount.

The authorities said that the land on Qian’s farm needed to be converted for use. So Qian has to hand over his land to the regime, even though Qian has cultivated this land for 40 years.

Qian has repeatedly negotiated with the regime about the recovery of his land. However, they did not give in. 

Jiang Xiaoyan, Qian’s daughter, told RFA that in September last year, the regime sent more than 100 people to forcibly seize Qian’s land without informing him.

Jiang Xiaoyan said the regime did not take legal action before demolishing her father’s farm.

She added that her 74-year-old father had been prevented from complaining by authorities. He was taken to the police station and threatened with death if he didn’t stop the lawsuit.

Too frustrated, on September 12, Qian Desheng drank insecticide at home to commit suicide. But his family found him in time and saved his life.

Jiang went to Beijing to appeal to the central authority to look into her father’s injustice but to no avail. Since then, like her father, Jiang became the target of surveillance and harassment by local authorities.

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