China is currently experiencing a cold and mourning winter like never before.

As experts and observers predicted, China’s fragile health system could not cope with the pandemic, which caused many unwitting deaths from insufficient medical support and medicine.

On December 28, a video shows a mass grave for at least 10 people in a rural area of China. Many people stand around the grave looking somber. Their heads are wrapped in mourning scarves, a traditional Chinese ritual that marks the relatives of the deceased. The person who recorded the video did not specify the location of this grave.

Another mass funeral was recorded in a rural area in Chongqing. Netizens said that this period of time is usually party time for the villagers to celebrate the new year on the village’s road. However, there is only a gloomy atmosphere from the mass funerals instead.

In addition to cremation, burying the dead is a long-standing custom in China. Funerals held at home with relatives and friends in attendance are a common practice. The number of attendees depends on the relationship of the deceased and is not limited. 

In addition, on December 21, some netizens posted frightening videos of a large flock of crows soaring through the sky in Heilongjiang. The video read: “What a bad omen!”, “Ten thousand buddhas and ten thousand gods, bless our land of China”.

Such a flock of crows makes viewers shudder to think what awaits the Chinese.

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