China holds a highly impactful role in criminal activities. Specifically, the country is the focal point, a transit station harboring dangerous transnational crimes.

A report on October 27 by the Global Financial Integrity think tank organization based in the United States drew this conclusion.

The report pointed out that China is one of the few countries where the regime sponsors transnational crime.

Former U.S. officials said in the report that the Chinese regime wields absolute power and can control society as it pleases but “turns a blind eye” to issues including trafficking and transnational drug trafficking.

According to the report, transnational crimes backed by the Chinese regime mainly include drug, human, and animal trafficking, counterfeiting, intellectual property theft, labor coercion, and the operation of illegal cash flows.

According to RFA, Channing Mavrellis, the report’s author, said in an online meeting on the 27th that when it comes to drug trafficking, there are not only Chinese gangsters involved but also legitimate companies in China.

Mavrellis shared that about 5,000 pharmacies and 160,000 chemical factories in China can supply fentanyl, a dangerous drug. Most of the drug will be exported to Mexico to then flow into the U.S.

Mavrellis said, Regarding human trafficking, the report analyzed that China earns $19 billion a year from human trafficking. Human trafficking in China mainly focuses on forced prostitution, forced marriage, and the sexual exploitation of women through online services.

Mavrellis argued that rampant human trafficking in China has to do with China’s one-child policy and male chauvinism.

These factors mean China has more men than women, which in turn leads to the trafficking of brides to poor rural areas in China.

Regarding the animal trade, the report points out that wild animals are often illegally imported into China, then illegally bred, and finally processed into traditional Chinese medicine. This type of business brings China an annual profit of $7 billion.

Forced labor is another crime tolerated by the regime. The report said that the primary victims of forced labor are from Xinjiang, where the Chinese regime oppresses Uyghurs and other Muslim groups.

In addition, China and Hong Kong produce 86% of the world’s counterfeit goods, bringing in an annual income of $438 billion for China.

Mavrellis added China is also stealing the world’s intellectual property. For example, China’s Intellectual Property Law blatantly stipulates that whoever publishes a patent first has the right to own it, not based on who invented it first.

Former U.S. diplomat David Luna said China’s regime supports hackers, so criminals stealing intellectual property continue to target U.S. companies and those in other countries.

Luna added that China’s regime does not intend to cooperate with the international community to combat transnational crimes.

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