In recent years, online car-hailing has become a popular profession chosen by people in volatile economic times in China. Recently, this job had become a hot topic of discussion when a netizen’s post mentioned changes in the profession. Censors quickly removed the post.

According to Taiwan Central News Agency (CNA), a post from the Chinese online platform, Zhihu responded to a netizen’s question: “Do you feel that China’s national fortune is on the rise?” The posted reply clearly states three main issues in China’s online car-hailing drivers in the past two years: higher education, more bosses who failed to invest, and more women.

The writer said that he used to meet special drivers when he called for an online taxi. For example, he met a driver with a master’s degree in anthropology from Xiamen University. There was even a driver who used to be the CEO of a Tea Company but whose business failed.

Previously, the drivers were people with low education and unskilled laborers.

Besides, female drivers are more common. The writer said his friend came home from Shenzhen Airport after 2 a.m. The car he took was impeccable, with onboard aromatherapy and pink pillows. His friend was surprised to realize the driver was female. He said it was too hard for female drivers to stay up at night. But the driver replied that she didn’t know what else to do because her two kids needed money to go to school, and she was in debt.

Although the censors deleted this post, many people later agreed with the writer. In addition, they think this industry has gradually become more difficult in the context of the pandemic. The continuous lockdown and the control everywhere caused the economy to plunge. As a result, there are fewer and fewer passengers.

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