A Twitter user posted a video on June 29 showing the jaw-dropping moment high-rise buildings in China were being demolished.

As noted in the video, the demolition process took place in Kunming. As a result, 540 sq. ft of accommodation buildings were obliterated, equivalent to the destruction of 1.5 billion tons of food or 300 million tons of pork. These residential projects could have accommodated 100,000 people.

The video reminds us of last September’s shocking event in Kunming city, Yunnan province. Then 15 skyscrapers were demolished simultaneously after sitting unfinished for eight years.

According to China’s state-run media Xinhua News, 4.6 tons of explosives were placed at 85,000 blasting points in the high-rises for the demolition.

It took only 45 seconds for the mission to be completed. The explosion caused the whole area to be submerged into a massive pile of dust as the buildings turned into rubble.

As reported by Taiwan News, these skyscrapers were part of the unfinished Liyang Star City Phase II project. It was worth $150 million

The housing project, which began in 2011, faced many obstacles and underwent frequent interruptions even after changes in ownership. Following the regimes’ intervention, the project did not resume until late 2020, but it ended with its complete demolition in September 2021.

Three months later, the scandals of the world’s most debt-ridden housing developer—the Evergrande Group, hit the news. 

According to Reuters, Evergrande has allocated $12 billion to build over 60,000 homes in the massive integrated resort—Haihua Island, or “Ocean Flower Island” in Hainan province.

Apart from much financial turbulence, it received the regime’s order on December 30, 2021, to demolish 39 buildings on the man-made mega-resort. The deadline for removal was within ten days.

However, the local authorities decided to change the original demolition to confiscation on April 3.

Until now, the status of this mega project has not been revealed.

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