“Radio Free Asia” reported that the outbreak of the Omicron mutant strain in Beijing is spreading rapidly daily.

RadioFreeAsia reported that an unnamed person quoted medical staff saying 220,000 people had been infected in Beijing within a week. Patients were rushed to the hospital leading to mass infection for medical staff.

Caixin Weekly reported that on December 12, thousands of cancer cases could not receive treatment, and hemodialysis patients could not be hospitalized for scheduled treatment.

At the same time, hospitals across China have discovered that some people have been taking fever-reducing drugs indiscriminately or mixing Chinese and Western medicines without a doctor’s advice. This has led to severe liver and kidney function, with some people falling into a coma and needing urgent hospitalization, and some have died.

State media also reported that a lung cancer patient in Beijing was booked into Peking University Cancer Hospital on November 25 for chemotherapy. However, the hospital system was shut down due to a positive Covid patient, so the patient could not access treatment.

The patient’s family revealed that the oncology departments of many hospitals in Beijing were closed and only treated critically ill patients. And he volunteered with an organization of cancer friends and discovered that thousands of cancer patients in Beijing could not receive chemotherapy due to this outbreak.

Not only Beijing, a female lung cancer patient in Shijiazhuang on November 20 fell seriously ill but couldn’t be hospitalized because of insufficient beds.

Eight days later, this patient was in a life-threatening condition and taken to a higher-level hospital for emergency treatment, but five days later, she tested positive for COVID.

A hospital posted a notice a few days ago indicating that if non-emergency patients wait in line for treatment, the wait time has increased to 10 hours.

The medical staff infected with Covid are even required to go to work. This photo shows the notice “All pharmacists are sick, please be tolerant” on the medicine receiving window of Beijing Haidian Hospital.

At least half of the medical staff at the central hospital in Hebei have become infected since December 3. The hospital’s human resources were seriously lacking even before the outbreak. Covid patients already occupy two-thirds of the hospital’s more than 1,000 beds, so they have to refuse other patients unless their lives are in danger.

The packed scene at Beijing Children’s Hospital can scare anyone who sees it, given the overcrowding of Chinese hospitals and the plight of the people right now.

Even so, Chinese people still race to pharmacies or buy fever medicines online, leading to severe shortages and inflated prices. Some people rush to the hospital to ask the doctor to prescribe these drugs, which adds to the burden on the hospital.

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