According to Akio Yaita, a Japanese senior media person, after Xi Jinping’s third term, those who can escape from China will quickly run away from China.

He said that he collected information about people who fled China from the internet, and he pointed out that for China’s social elites, the painful experience of the Cultural Revolution is still vivid in their minds. They could not endure the way of the Chinese government during the second Cultural Revolution.

Since the early 1950s, a large number of business people, scholars, and artists have fled overseas. Yaita said that since its establishment, the history of the Communist Party of China is the history of elites fleeing.

Zhang Ailing, a famous writer, was the first pioneer of fleeing China. In 1952, the Chinese government organized writers to go to the countryside to interview the “land reform movement.” Hoping that the writers can write some articles praising the government. However, she heard many people were brutally suppressed because they were landlords.

Akio Yaita further gave an example. After the Cultural Revolution began in 1966, the literati who stayed in Shanghai suffered severe persecution. Fu Lei and his wife both hanged themselves.  The writer Ye Yiqun jumped off the building.

Yaita believes that when most of the elites of society leave, what is left will be poverty, ignorance, and tyranny. 

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