During the COVID-19 pandemic, China’s nucleic acid testing companies are suspected of countless false test results, which has aroused strong public criticism. Recently, the Chinese military recruitment website and the media published an enlistment announcement for 2023, once again touching on netizens’ nerves. Suddenly, there is a wave of public opinion linking military service with the investigation of “Nucleic Acid King” Zhang Shanshan. They said if they want people to serve, they should first clear up outstanding questions, such as profiting from fake test results.

China’s strict COVID-19 measures and nucleic acid companies were found to have many cases of false test results, including “mistaking” negative for positive. People were very upset.

Recently, regime websites in many localities of China, national enlistment website and related social accounts announced that the drat will begin on January 1, 2023. Male Chinese citizens who are 18 years old by December 31, 2022, are required to register for military service regardless of whether they join or not. Male Chinese citizens who are high school graduates must be from 18 to 22 years old, regular university graduates from 18 to 24, and postgraduates from 26 years old. For some reason, from this incident, in a group chat, many netizens said that Zhang Shanshan needs to be investigated.

On Sina Weibo, netizen Xiaoyu wrote that he has a son and is ready for military service for the country, but first, the regime needs to investigate Zhang and the recent disappearance of many children. The account “Looking back 0601” left a message, to investigate Zhang and the anger will not go away, netizens need to know the truth. At the end of their messages, thousands of netizens urged investigating Zhang.

John, a commentator from Qingdao, Shandong province, said in an interview with RFA on Friday, December 16, that there are two main reasons for this phenomenon. One is the “Huaxi Nuclear” laboratory named by the Health Commission of Lanzhou is connected to a nucleic acid testing scandal and officials have yet to respond to a public request for an investigation.

He said that the people used the announcement or other national appeals to express their displeasure. There is a huge build up of anger with nucleic acid testing and corruption. In fact, it’s not only directed at Zhang but also at the regime.

Public sentiment against the draft

Zhang Jianping, a news commentator in Yixing, Jiangsu, told RFA that during the three years of the pandemic, the public expressed dissatisfaction with the regime’s pandemic policies and how they expressed it was through comments on the draft. He said, “People have little resistance to the call to join the army. This sentiment is caused by the general social atmosphere. This kind of political propaganda was inherently accepted, but now people don’t want to accept it. A country needs to take care of its citizens, people’s needs must be met, then they will let their children serve the country.”

Zhang Jianping believed that China’s top leadership has repeatedly emphasized the need to put the people first, the people above all. He said, “But all of your actions, including for Zhang Shanshan, Zhang Hezi and others, make people feel that they have been let down. There are also consequences caused by the previous family planning.”

On Douyin (Chinese version of TikTok), netizens are still making negative comments about the draft call. Netizens demand a strict investigation of those who profit from the country’s scourge and investigate missing people and traffickers. Netizen “Handsome boy surnamed Ma” left a message, “It’s okay to use the draft to protect the country, but let’s solve the problems first and then talk.”

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