China has been committed to its strict Zero-Covid policy since day 1. After finding only one person tested positive in an area, authorities will lock down the whole city.

These two major cities in China, Yong Cheng and Sanya, are the latest examples.


Yongcheng is located in the far east of Henan province. It borders the provinces of Shandong, Jiangsu, and Anhui. It also has two cross-country highways passing by.

After one local case was found last Sunday, the whole city went under total lockdown the very next day. 

It has also imposed very harsh measures on the city’s residents.

Under lockdown rules, no public transportation is allowed to run. Authorities also closed all shops, companies, restaurants, and conference centers.

The only services allowed to open would be grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals. However, pharmacies could not sell medicines to treat a fever or cough, nor antivirus and antibiotics drugs.

Yongcheng city also orders all of its 1.2 million residents to take at least one Covid test from Monday to Wednesday. Besides, only one person per household could go out to run errands daily. 

The city also set up checkpoints along the city to monitor people’s movement and stop those without Covid passes.


Sanya, more commonly known as the Hawaii of China, is a famous tourist city in China’s southernmost province – Hainan Island.

China’s Hawaii went into lockdown on Tuesday after a resident was diagnosed with COVID-19 the very previous day. 

The lockdown measures have also harshly affected boats and ships.

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