Xinhuanet reported on June 19 that in the newest move to fight corruption, the General Office of China Communist Party’s Central Committee issued the “Regulations on the management of business by the spouses, children of leading cadres in doing business.”

The “applicable objects” of the “Regulations” are mainly the party and government organs of the CCP. The higher the leadership position, the stricter the requirements are.

Officials must report their spouses’ and children’s business operations, and any who fail to do so or try to skirt the rules will be “seriously dealt with in accordance with regulations and laws.”

Therefore, leading cadres of the CCP need to truthfully report the situation of their spouses and children in running enterprises. The regulations also require random checks, and violators will be ordered to explain.

According to Xinhua, business activities include investing in businesses, holding senior positions in private or foreign-funded businesses, investing in private equity funds, and providing paid social intermediary and legal services. 

For the leading cadres of the CCP who “intend to be promoted for further use,” the regulations say they will be checked first. Then, if they don’t meet the rules, they should withdraw from doing business, and those who disagree won’t be appointed.

Besides, Xi Jinping said to the Communist Party Politburo on June 17 that anti-corruption measures are a critical political battle that the party can’t afford to lose.

He added that there should be zero tolerance toward corruption and policies to ensure officials aren’t involved in corruption because they “do not dare to, are not able to and do not want to.”

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