According to Business Today’s report on August 11, China’s regime vows to provide Nepal with $118 million. Reacting to this information, Chinese people expressed concern for Nepal.

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi announced the commitment in a meeting with Nepal’s counterpart Narayan Khadka on August 10 in Beijing. 

Wang also announced that, as of September 1, China would apply zero duty on 98% of import products from Nepal.

China’s regime will fund the feasibility study of the China-Nepal cross-border railway through Tibet’s Himalayas.

Business Today commented that after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, Beijing was actively looking for allies. 

China’s regime seems to have initially achieved its goal. Nepal’s Foreign Minister Khadgar stated that Nepal would support Beijing’s one-China policy.

Despite the notoriety of the Chinese Communist Party’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Khadgar expressed that China should continue to implement various multi-billion BRI projects which have remained stuck in Nepal.

Liberty Times cited some Chinese expressing concern for Nepal. The netizens believe that Nepal will be like Sri Lanka, the country that has gone bankrupt because of receiving money from the ‘debt trap’ of CCP’s BRI.

One netizen said on Twitter that Nepal would be the “next victim of the debt BRI trap.” Another lamented: “Nepal is miserable,” “surely die.” Another said, “What is the value of this silk road [referring to the BRI], in addition to being a fraud.”

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