Many abnormalities take place in China these days.

Following the sudden turn of blood-red in the sky a few days ago in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, now comes the reddening of the River in Baise, Guangxi Province.

According to mainland media reports, on May 10 local residents found that the water of the Leli River turned blood red overnight.

Some people worried that the blood-colored river water might be poisonous. They suspect that this may be related to the illegal charge of the local starch factory.

However, the person in charge of the starch company refused the accusation because the factory had been shut down for four years.

Local officials confirm the red body of water in the River. However, they need further investigation to find out the reason.

Earlier, authorities attributed the blood-red sky in Zhejiang to the refraction phenomenon of light from ships. However, netizens were not convinced.

There are a few more abnormalities in the sky recorded in China recently.

Notably, the “Yin and Yang” sky appeared over Beijing on May 9. The blue sky and white clouds were nicely balanced in the sky. White clouds covered half of the sky, and there were no clouds in the other half.

Many regions have recently witnessed the sun halo or thunderbolt snow phenomena.

Another rare climate phenomenon is the castle-shaped clouds. They suddenly took place in Liaoning Fushun region last December. Half were dark while the other was clear.

The Chinese believe that these visions are ominous signs of misfortune and chaos.

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